The process of Building A Limo

Limousines are vehicles for the luxurious. Any and every celebrity ever steps out of a limo to make their grand entrance on the red carpet. Even government officials opt for limos which are armored and a bit more guarded than ordinary vehicles. But making a limo from a regular vehicle is not an easy task and limo builders can attest to that fact. A lot of parts have to be added and sometimes rebuilding the entire interior of the vehicle is also required. It takes a lot of technical knowledge to build a limo but once it is done it is a magnificent and suave creation.

limo builder

How It Is Done

The first step is buying a stock vehicle, or automobiles. That these can be turned into such a beauty is nothing sort of a fairytale. But here there is no fairy godmother to wave her wand and turn a pumpkin into a carriage. No, here technicians are required. Limo builders are highly skilled people. When buying an automobile, car manufacturers tend to go for Cadillacs and Lincolns. But other cars too can be made into a limousine.

As soon as the purchasing is taken care of, a lot of changes are made to the automobile. The vehicle has to be segregated into two sections, so that they can form the front part and the back part of the car. Then to elongate the body of the car a few steel shafts are added. This is how they create the elongated body of the limos, according to limo builders. The length may vary from car to car, but it has to be elongated otherwise it will not exactly be a limo. Some limos are shorter than others in length but limos are usually known for their length.

limo builders

The body having been made the next parts has to be added. The side panels, and also the floor will be built next. These are next tasks at hand. The roof comes after that. This is how the limo starts to look complete. But only from the outside as the interiors have much work left to them. Limo builders say, that this I also when the technicalities will be taken care of like building the engines, the electrical mechanisms, and all the other aspects that makes a vehicle functional. Only after the completion of these parts can the interiors be looked at.

The interior depends on a lot of things, from brand to customer specifications. The furnishings within the limo are supposed to be lush and fashionable and of high quality. A limo doe not usually seat ordinary people and are also not built for the common folk. It is for the high and luxurious life. There are limos with an in built bar in them. These are the parts that are taken care of at this juncture says limo builders.  There can be a few more additions done to it after this point but that usually depends on customizations and brand demands, otherwise now the limo is ready to be driven.

What are the Must See Events of Toronto in 2018?

2017 has experienced its ups and downs for the world as a whole.  However, 2018 is expected to be much better. Several incredible events are happening around the globe.  The Olympics are set for PyeongChang. Taking a closer look at home you will notice that some stunning things are going to happen in 2018.  You hire downtown car rental in Toronto to check out all these events.

toronto downtown car rental


Even though TIFF is an event which takes place every year, it is one of the biggest claim of Toronto to fame.  For about a week in September, all eyes are on Toronto as some of the most popular celebrities of the world will come together in this city for premiering the movies that they are most proud of. All you have to do is hire downtown car rental in Toronto and reach there.

Lines for TIFF can be pretty long. Simply be in the crowd outside the venue. If you are planning to watch one of the movies, you will have to buy your ticket as soon as it goes on sale.

The Toronto International Boat Show

This show draws exceptional crowds from all over the world in order to showcases all types of nautical vehicle which is known to man. You will come across everything water related at the show, starting from paddle boats to kayaks. You will also come across latest fishing boats and weekend warriors.

Irrespective of whether you have never been on water in your life or an avid boater, there is something for everyone.  Hire downtown car rental in Toronto and reach there to take a walk through the yachts which they bring right inside the building. Find out how it feels to be on a three-story super cruiser. You should not forget to check out the living demonstrations which are there indoors.

Honda Indy Toronto

Our city streets have converted into a haven for the open-wheel racers, the Toronto Indy has been the Toronto Staple for about 32 years. Every street here are shut down and also rerouted for taking the Indy cars to the street.

Tickets sale out pretty fast in here.  So, you should simply downtown car rental in Toronto as soon as possible to ensure that you get good seats. Watching the cars come in and out from the skyscrapers is just like watching a movie.

downtown car rental in toronto

North By Northeast

You might have heard about South by Southwest. This is a big art festival in Houston. Here, the artist from around the world will showcase art whether it is movies or music. Here, people display all types of entertainment.  Not as many people is going to know about the Toronto counterpart.  However, not many people are aware of the Toronto counterpart, NXNE. This is ten day long art festival which celebrates the creativity of the city.

This is not just music. NXNE hosts incredible local artists that display their work and restaurant that sell their best food which they have to offer.  Anyone who prefers being involved with the local arts scene can simply hire downtown car rental in Toronto and avoid missing out on NXNE.

However, you have to make sure that you have chosen the right car rental company. It should have proper license and insurance.  Moreover, check if the car is in good condition before renting.

How Much Time will You Need to See Niagara Falls?

No doubt, Niagara Falls is one of the most popular tourist destination that one will come across in Canada. One of the most important questions asked by people while they are on the Toronto to Niagara Falls tour is how much time does it take to see it.

When you plan a trip to Niagara Falls, you need to make sure that you have a plan. Moreover, you should have an idea regarding how much time you are going to need on hand in order to make the most of this trip.  In this blog, you will get enough information and plan your Toronto to Niagara Falls tour.

Toronto to Niagara Falls

Arriving from Toronto

If you plan the trip from Toronto, the drive to the destination is going to take around 90 minutes. You can run Google search to find out the time for some other destination that you might be considering. However, by road, it is approximately.

The Falls and the Popular HornBlower Cruise

These things are included in the Toronto to Niagara Falls tour because these are the first things that tourists like to do.  The gushing water and the frothy-white enormity is a thing to watch.

The HornBlower cruise is also pretty popular. If you visit the place, you should not leave without experiencing the boat ride.  It is better to take the night cruise because you can experience live music, alcohol, and food on the boat cruise.  These two are going to take around two hours.

Clifton Hills

This is the place to be. There are various attractions on the street. Starting from gaming zones to haunted, you will get them all.  This is a great place if you are visiting with kids. To explore this place you will have to spare around two hours.

Food Time

Toronto to Niagara Falls tour is sure to make you hungry.  Hence, you need to take a food break. There is something for everyone; you are never going to run out of options.  Eating and drinking is going to take approximately one hour

The Whirlpool Rapids

This is another one of the natural phenomenon you will experience at the Niagara Falls. As a matter of fact, it is one of the memorable experiences that you are going to have.  .  The whirlpool is formed where the water of the Niagara Gorge converges with water from Niagara. Taking a tour of this will cost you around an hour.

Toronto to Niagara Falls tour

Floral Clock

This is one of the most beautiful man-made beauties and a popular destination of the plan. It is exactly as it sounds. This is a clock made of flowers.   At 40 ft. diameters, it is surely a sight to see.  To check out this attraction you will have to spare 30-45 minutes.

Smallest Chapel in the World

This is another one of those things that you should not miss out on the Toronto to Niagara Falls tour. It is known to attract tourists from all over the world.  It is going to take just 20 minutes of your time.

The Wineries

Niagara is famous for its wineries. You should surely check out the wineries when you visit the falls. There are many of them and each one of them offers great tours.  This tour is going to take around 2 hours.

Based on this plan, you will have to spend 8-10 hours in a day. Read more news on Niagara Falls here!

The Wineries


Things You Need To Know About Bullet Proof Cars for Sale

A bulletproof car like Range Rover might look rugged in the outside.  However, it is obviously one of the most popular rides for many people, especially in the high-class society. There are many people who do not know what to expect when they purchase a bulletproof range rover.  The bullet proof cars for sale are surely going to offer you the ultimate security that you have always wanted.  The facts given below are going to explain everything.

bulllet proof luxury car

Best Quality Security on the Go

A majority of the people believe that armored vehicles are used by people who belong to the elite class. With armored vehicles you can be sure that you will be able to go to an event without risking your life.  Bullet proof cars for sale will be able to provide you with that safety. You are always going to be safe during the ride.

Apart from the safety, there is much to enjoy with bulletproof range rovers. It will protect you from the bullets the enemies are going to use for bringing your life down to the wire.  These cars will enable you to travel vast terrains and even tricky water while avoiding the ambush scenarios.

Perfect Car for the Modern VIP

The life of present day VIP can always be at risk. However, if they have bullet proof cars for sale to back them up, he/she will be able to go on with life as usual. Irrespective of whether you want to travel from one place to another or just want to treat the family to an outing, you will be able to depend on the powerful fruit of the range rover. These vehicles works amazingly. It will give you the peace of mind to try out new adventures without even having to worry about anything else.

Uses Latest Technology

These days bullet proof range rovers are available in various ranges on the basis of who has armored. The best part about this is that there are several manufacturers of bulletproof cars who have kept the requirements of the buyers in mind. Thus, you will get to enjoy the latest technologies like no one else. The cars have been armored with the help of armored technology which assumes that the armored car is the right car for a person who needs security while traveling. Some of the mechanisms have been installed to offer you utmost protection.

bullet proof cars for sale

Enjoying the Bullet Proof Cars for Sale

The best way to enjoy the bulletproof car is to check the mechanism inside, as well as outside the car. For this, you will have to do research on a particular company that you are ordering it from. You should at least know that the technology that you are choosing is adequate for your choice of vehicle. Make sure that you are involved in the whole purchasing process. Keep in mind that you are buying the bullet proof cars for sale for your protection.

It is also necessary to ensure that the materials that you have used for the bulletproof car is of high-quality. Otherwise, you might be disappointed with the set and put your life in danger while driving the bulletproof car.


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