Boating Facilities in Perth
Paddlers and power boaters alike are welcome in Perth – and are invited to come and enjoy the wide range of hospitality, services and festivals for which our town has become known. This site provides information on the facilities that are available for boaters and links to many other sources that can answer your boating questions.

If you are boating to Perth through Beveridges Locks, be sure to ask the Lockmaster for a brochure and map of the Town. These are also available at the Last Duel Park Docks (see below).

Dock Facilities
The Town of Perth provides public docks at the Last Duel Park, where the Tay Canal enters the south-east corner of the Town; Parks Canada provides public docks in the Perth Basin, located in the centre of town.

The Last Duel Park Docks
The Last Duel Park docks provide space for six to eight boats, with three 30 amp marine grade outlets and washroom and shower facilities. There is an overnight docking fee of $15.00 for boats 21’ and under and $20.00 for boats over 21’. Charges for the shore power are $5.00 per night. On arrival, please contact the attendant at the Last Duel Park Campground. We regret that dock space cannot be reserved in advance, but the Beveridges Lockmaster can advise you of how many boats are in the system and the availability of space.

A picnic area, and camping, is also available in the municipal Last Duel Park Campground, beside the docks. Tent sites are $15.00 per night (weekly, monthly and seasonal rates are available; trailer and RV sites also available). On the ‘Visitor’ section of this website, see “Last Duel Park’.

You will find a brochure and map of Perth in the tourism kiosk at the docks. It is only a short ten minute walk along the Tow Path, located across the Craig Street bridge on the south east side of the river – to get to the centre of Perth, to enjoy the town’s great dining and shopping spots.

Another, equally pleasant, route is to walk two blocks on Craig Street, and turn right on Drummond Street – which takes you past some of our fine stone architecture. After crossing the Drummond Street Bridge, turn left and cross the basin area to Gore Street, to the main business area. You will see on the map provided that there are restaurants to the left and right – and beautiful Stewart Park is just behind the Town Hall.

The Perth Basin Docks
At the Perth Basin docks, there is no overnight or day charge and no shore power. The washrooms at Perth Basin are open 8am-9pm at the Crystal Palace, beside the Basin.

Bridge Clearances in Perth
Only smaller boats can take advantage of the Basin docks, due to the available clearance under the three bridges leading into the Basin. Until early 2010, the Beckwith Bridge, which has a clearance of 1.6 metres (5’.2”); will be open – but you should confirm this with the lockmaster at (613) 267-2036. The first bridge at Craig Street has a normal clearance of 2.1 metres (7’); the third bridge at Drummond Street has a clearance of 2.9 metres (9.5’). Because water levels vary with the season, there could be more or less headroom under these bridges, so boaters are advised to check available height at each bridge. Boaters should be advised that there is no supervision or security provided at either the Last Duel or Basin docks, so you might wish to take suitable precautions if you plan to be away from their boat. For more information on camping and Perth, call 1-855-326-1947 or visit other areas of the ‘Visitor’ section of this website.

Available Draught in the Tay Canal:
The draught maintained by Parks Canada in the Tay Canal is the same as that for the rest of the Rideau system, at five feet. This is the case for the canal right up to the Perth Basin. However, given the relatively narrower width of the canal in places, it is just a good precaution to stay in the centre of the lane to the extent possible.

Boat Launch Sites:
A paved launch site is provided by the Town adjacent to the Last Duel Park docks, which can take boats up to 25’ length. There is a charge of $8.85 per launch + applicable taxes ($48.67 + tax for the season) – see the attendant at the Last Duel Park Campground.

There is no charge for launching canoes or kayaks at either Last Duel Park dock or the Perth Basin dock. A floating dock has been provided at the Basin to facilitate kayak launches, due to the height of the long dock.

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