Cultural Attractions

Cultural Attractions

Hall of Remembrance – 26 Beckwith Street East
The Perth Legion has a unique Hall of Remembrance Museum containing thousands of Military artifacts donated by area men and women who served Canada in both World Wars and Korea.

The Hall also has a collection of items representing foreign military services and Canadian Peacekeeping. The Museum library has a large collection of Military reading material as well as a resource center.

For more information, visit their website or call 613-267-4400.

Perth Citizens’ Band
The Perth Citizens’ Band is the longest continuous running Town Band in Canada dating back to 1852. The Perth Citizens’ Band has been an integral part of the musical and cultural heritage of the Town of Perth since 1852 and is the oldest continuously operating band in Canada. The free concerts in Stewart Park are performed every other Thursday at 7:30 PM starting in the second week of June through the third week of August and include a Strawberry Social starting at 7 PM for the second concert. The band participates in a number of parades throughout the year including the Perth Fair Parade, parades for various local celebrations in other towns and typically four Santa Claus Parades in various towns. A major part of the band’s funding for operating expenses comes from these parades. The band also does an annual Christmas concert, an annual “ Last Night At The Proms Concert ” plus a number of other concerts during each year. For more information, visit their website.

The Mammoth Cheese
Produced through the combined efforts of the Dominion Department of Agriculture and the Canadian cheese industry for the World’s Columbian Exposition in Chicago in 1893 this big cheese was used to promote Canadian Cheese around the world.Production of this big cheese took place at the Dominion Experimental Dairy Station set up in the railway yards in Perth under the careful supervision of Professor James W. Robertson, the Dominion Dairy Commissioner. Perth was chosen because of its central location to the many cheese factories in Lanark County and the excellent shipping facilities of the Canadian Pacific Railway. The mammoth cheese was made from 207,200 pound of milk and in the end was was six feet high,28 ft in circumference and 22,000 pounds.

The Town Crier

The Perth Town Crier is an ambassador for the Town’s heritage community representing our town at civic ceremonies, festivals, special community functions and even Town Crier competitions. The Perth Town Crier appears in a uniform which reflects the colours and vibrancy of Perth’s historic past.

For more information on the Perth Town Crier, visit his website. If you are interested in having the Perth Town Crier attend a function should call

Stewart Park
Beautiful Stewart Park is 5.24 acres of greenspace located just behind Perth’s National Treasure, the Town Hall (a National Historic Site). Stewart Park has vintage, majestic maples, rock wall gardens and the pristine Tay River meandering through it. Quaint pedestrian bridges connect Stewart Park to Code / Haggart Park (1.23 acres) north of the Tay River, and the Central Perth Playground to the south. The annual Stewart Park Music Festival is a unique experience, attracting 20,000+ people for a free, 3-day music event. The park is a popular wedding destination offering features such as a traditional 19th century Bandshell and our beautiful Millennium Gates.
Matheson House, Perth Museum: A National Historic Site!
Leave the 21st century behind as you enter the world of the 1840’s at the elegant Matheson House, home of the award winning Perth Museum. This popular tourist attraction, located in downtown heritage Perth, is a National Historic Site.

The stone dwelling was built in 1840 for the Honourable Roderick Matheson, wealthy merchant and a senator in Canada’s first parliament after Confederation. The four period rooms – parlour, dining room, drawing room and a warm and welcoming kitchen – have been carefully restored and furnished to reflect the lifestyle of the Matheson family who owned the house for 90 years. For more information, visit the Town’s website.

Big Ben Park
An impressive life-sized statue of equestrian Olympians Ian Millar and his late mount, Big Ben, stands poised at the edge of Code Park off Wilson Street, and is proving to be an exciting addition to this area.
Perth is home to 7 Protestant Churches and 1 Roman Catholic Church. Each congregation is very active and has a variety of outreach programs that help to build a strong and healthy spirit within the community. The music programs at many of the churches are very good and often host cross- denominational concerts throughout the year.

For more information on faith and worship in Perth & District, visit their website.

The International Friendship Fountains
As you gaze out across the Tay Basin, note that the three fountains are constantly at work. Not only an attractive addition and feature within the Tay Basin, the three fountains perform an important ecological function, continuously aerating and improving the water quality within the Basin. The fountains, known as the International Friendship Fountains, were sponsored by the local Perth Rotary Club. The centre fountain represents the Town of Perth and the outer two fountains represent Heritage Perth’s ongoing relationship with its Sister Cities of Asago, Japan, and Perth and Kinross, Scotland.

In July of 2000 the Town of Perth expanded the link between itself and the City of Perth & Kinross, Scotland as well as the City of Asago, Japan. By signing these Twinning Agreements the historical, social and cultural ties of the municipalities is further broadened and the agreements serve to deepen the mutual understanding and bond of friendship between the towns.

The Round Garden for the Blind
The Round Garden was especially designed to accommodate the needs of the blind, the elderly and the developmentally challenged. This garden, with its waist-high plant boxes, encourages visitors to feel the leaves and flowers, smell the fragrances, taste the herbs and listen to the birds and the water splashing in the fountain. Built and maintained by Friends of the Garden for the Blind, the Round Garden is visited by more than 5000 people each year. It is located adjacent the Lanark County Administration Building on Sunset Boulevard.

The Perth & District Union Public Library
Perth & District Union Public Library is your community resource for information, recreational reading and offers a variety of adult and children’s programs throughout the year in the Town of Perth. To learn more about what’s happening at the Library, visit their website.

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