What are the Must See Events of Toronto in 2018?

2017 has experienced its ups and downs for the world as a whole.  However, 2018 is expected to be much better. Several incredible events are happening around the globe.  The Olympics are set for PyeongChang. Taking a closer look at home you will notice that some stunning things are going to happen in 2018.  You hire downtown car rental in Toronto to check out all these events.

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Even though TIFF is an event which takes place every year, it is one of the biggest claim of Toronto to fame.  For about a week in September, all eyes are on Toronto as some of the most popular celebrities of the world will come together in this city for premiering the movies that they are most proud of. All you have to do is hire downtown car rental in Toronto and reach there.

Lines for TIFF can be pretty long. Simply be in the crowd outside the venue. If you are planning to watch one of the movies, you will have to buy your ticket as soon as it goes on sale.

The Toronto International Boat Show

This show draws exceptional crowds from all over the world in order to showcases all types of nautical vehicle which is known to man. You will come across everything water related at the show, starting from paddle boats to kayaks. You will also come across latest fishing boats and weekend warriors.

Irrespective of whether you have never been on water in your life or an avid boater, there is something for everyone.  Hire downtown car rental in Toronto and reach there to take a walk through the yachts which they bring right inside the building. Find out how it feels to be on a three-story super cruiser. You should not forget to check out the living demonstrations which are there indoors.

Honda Indy Toronto

Our city streets have converted into a haven for the open-wheel racers, the Toronto Indy has been the Toronto Staple for about 32 years. Every street here are shut down and also rerouted for taking the Indy cars to the street.

Tickets sale out pretty fast in here.  So, you should simply downtown car rental in Toronto as soon as possible to ensure that you get good seats. Watching the cars come in and out from the skyscrapers is just like watching a movie.

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North By Northeast

You might have heard about South by Southwest. This is a big art festival in Houston. Here, the artist from around the world will showcase art whether it is movies or music. Here, people display all types of entertainment.  Not as many people is going to know about the Toronto counterpart.  However, not many people are aware of the Toronto counterpart, NXNE. This is ten day long art festival which celebrates the creativity of the city.

This is not just music. NXNE hosts incredible local artists that display their work and restaurant that sell their best food which they have to offer.  Anyone who prefers being involved with the local arts scene can simply hire downtown car rental in Toronto and avoid missing out on NXNE.

However, you have to make sure that you have chosen the right car rental company. It should have proper license and insurance.  Moreover, check if the car is in good condition before renting.

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